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Breast Cosmetic . Breast Reconstructive . Cosmetic Body . Face Cosmetic . 08.08.2017

I could not be happier with the outcome of my procedure and the professionalism of the Dr. and staff. I will refer her every chance I get.


Breast Cosmetic . Breast Reconstructive . Cosmetic Body . Face Cosmetic . 08.08.2017

Dr. Baldwin and the whole staff are so friendly and caring. They do everything they can to make your whole experience easy. I have recommended Dr. Baldwin to four of my friends. They asked for her name after seeing my work and hearing about my experience.


Breast Reconstructive . 08.08.2017

Dr. Bonnie Baldwin. She did my friend’s daughters reduction and my lift and implants. She is wonderful! The anesthesiologists were fighting over who got me the day I had surgery and the one who ultimately ended up working my surgery told me they always fight to be the one with her because she’s the best doc-she does exquisite work and her patients always do so well. I think when the people that work with a doc says she’s the best it says a lot. She is incredibly caring and kind. I have minimal scarring and she took great care to have me look natural. As for the reduction she did on my friend’s daughter—she was just 18 and Bonnie did such a beautiful job you can’t even tell she had a reduction. I love referring to her … she’s my fav doc ever … she also does my
botox … she’s a goddess …


Face Cosmetic . 08.08.2017

In my mid-60’s I began to notice a lot of hanging skin under my chin. I was horrified. I used to talk about people who had cosmetic surgery and how bad they looked and how could they do that. My dear friend suggested that I contact Dr. Baldwin. As soon as I met with and started talking with Dr. Baldwin, I knew she was the one. She listened intently to what I wanted and was so positive and caring that I knew she was the surgeon to help me out. Our conversation was about my needs and she heard me loud and clear. I then started on my homework and journey to a modified neck lift. I cannot tell you how great it turned out and how wonderful her surgery team was and how kind Dr. Baldwin was. I was so lucky to have her as my surgeon and I consider her a dear person who is laser focused on doing a perfect job. I now have a jawline and a pretty neck like I used to have. Most people would not have a clue that I had any work done. I am SO happy to look at my profile in the mirror and once again feel so comfortable about wearing my hair on top of my head. I cannot say enough about Dr. Baldwin, she is here to help her patients feel better about themselves. If you are considering any kind of cosmetic surgery I certainly would put Dr. Baldwin at the top of your list of surgeons.


Breast Cosmetic . 11.23.2015

Dr. Baldwin & Staff –

Thank you so much for all you’ve done. We are very pleased with the outcome! We appreciate you!