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Cosmetic Body . 11.12.2015

My self-esteem is at an all time high. I have no problem wearing a bathing suit. What a wonderful feeling.

D. L., Houston, TX

Abdominoplasty . Breast Reconstructive . 11.16.2018

I noticed as I got older that my body had changed from childbirth and aging. It was not responding to exercise nor my diet. I had been searching for a surgeon that would be able to help me so I could attain a “normal” lifestyle with a breast reduction and tummy tuck. Dr. Baldwin was so caring and understanding on my first visit. After my surgeries, I am working out, traveling, and enjoying life to its fullest! I am now off 75% of my diabetic medicine – my health has truly changed. Dr. Baldwin’s practice is essential to me. Anyone who has contemplated having plastic surgery should think of it as a necessity to help improve their lifestyle, to become healthier and more active, and have a better outlook.

Dr. Baldwin makes you feel so comfortable, secure (very private), and just wrapped in her warmth of caring. She is truly a miracle surgeon!