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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can boost self confidence. When issues of breast volume bother you daily, most patients are very pleased and excited with the results of a breast augmentation. It can be liberating to no longer worry about clothing selection limitations because of breast size.

There are several reasons for thinking about having a breast augmentation. It can be you had minimal development during puberty and this has bothered you. Sometimes changes during pregnancy, with loss of breast fullness and firmness, direct you to thinking about a breast augmentation.

When you realize that no exercise or diet will increase breast volume, breast augmentation becomes a more serious consideration. Most women do not choose elective surgery until the issue bothers them on a daily basis and they realize surgery is their only option for true change.


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Breast Implant Types

There are two types of breast implants – silicone and saline filled implants. Both are well researched medical implants. The breast implant comes in multiple volumes and several styles – assuring a good fit for each woman. The diameter, projection, shape, texture and volume of an implant can be individualized based on the patient’s personal goals and chest wall measurements. Fortunately, there are several excellent companies producing breast implants.

The breast implant was developed in Houston in the 1970s by Drs. Gerow and Cronin. The implant shell and filler materials have continued to improve over time. The present implant styles and options are the result of research and innovation on the part of the industry and plastic surgeons to bring the best possible implant to the patients. However, breast implants are a biomedical prosthetic device and can wear out with time requiring replacement. The manufactures currently have a warranty with each implant guaranteeing reimbursement to the patient for the cost of the implant.

When you come for a consultation, the variety of implant types and sizes will be presented and shown to you. Dr. Baldwin will make specific recommendations regarding implant style; based on your personal goals, and the shape and characteristics of your breast tissue and skin.

Breast Augmentation Goals

It is important to set goals for the consultation. Do you want to increase your volume or go back to your original size prior to having children? Is your goal to achieve a firmer, fuller cup size? Your breast augmentation consultation is the perfect time to discuss one or multiple goals with Dr. Baldwin.

It is important to realize that each breast shape is unique and that individual results depend on the personal characteristics before surgery.

Breast Implant Placement and Incisions

Breast implants are positioned either under the breast tissue only, under the pectoralis muscle, or sometimes partially under the muscle. Dr. Baldwin usually uses a 1 ½ – 3 inch incision just above the inframammary fold to place the implant. Implant placement and incisions are individualized for each patient depending on the aesthetic goal, amount of breast tissue,  prior breast surgeries and the type of implant chosen.

Breast-Augmentation-03 Breast Augmentation

Diagram of under breast tissue

Breast-Augmentation-02 Breast Augmentation

Diagram of under muscle

Breast Augmentation Procedure and Recovering

Breast augmentation is performed at an accredited, outpatient surgical center connected to a hospital or at a full-service hospital. It is an outpatient procedure and usually takes about 90 minutes.

Breast augmentation patients feel tightness or a light pressure sensation the night after surgery, relieved with pain medications and resting in an upright position on two to three pillows. Local anesthetic is placed in the pocket of the implant before the end of the procedure which significantly decreases discomfort. Most patients are able to drive moderate distances safely by three days after surgery.

Dr. Baldwin believes post-operative guidelines for restraint from exercise for six weeks decreases potential complications, ensuring the most natural and pleasing long term result. One potential complication of breast augmentation, the incidence of capsular contracture, can be decreased when the procedure is done at a time where the patient has time to follow the postoperative instructions allowing for healing without fluid buildup.

Follow-up After Surgery

Natural, long-lasting results are facilitated by close postoperative follow-up care. Breast augmentation patients are given clear, written instructions and seen by Dr. Baldwin in the office following your procedure at day one, week one, week three, week six, three months, six months and annually thereafter. It is important to know there are no additional charges for these important follow-up visits. Closely following the instructions given at the early visits help the patient understand how to best heal from surgery. Breast implants are not considered a lifetime device; therefore, annual follow-ups are scheduled. Our office is always available to see prior breast augmentation patients for concerns that might arise in the future.

At Your Consultation

New information is continually being explored for breast augmentation options. Dr. Baldwin is interested in discussing all your questions and sharing her opinion and experience on the newest techniques for breast enhancement during your consultation. Breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular elective plastic surgery procedures in the nation.