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New Offices


We are pleased to be settling into our beautiful new office space. The goal of the move was to have the same tranquil, private feel with a more central location. Here are some of your comments:

‘It feels like your prior building, with a fresher lobby.’ ‘The consult room seems similar, but more cosy than before.’ ‘ Your furniture and colors look even nicer is this space. Can you give me the name of your paint color to use in my home?’

The boutique office building is located on the southeast corner of the River Oaks District center (4444 Westheimer, Building G, Suite 302, 77027). The more expansive six floor parking garage is free to the public. There is also a covered walkway to the building on the ground floor level. Valet parking is also available with helpful concierge services. If you have a any questions about directions or parking, please call 713-791-1975.

We look forward to seeing you soon and showing you our new office space whether it’s your first time or a return visit.

Bonnie Baldwin, M.D.

DSC_0002-1024x678 New Offices

DSC_0005-1024x678 New Offices

DSC_0006-copy-1024x678 New Offices

DSC_0008-1024x678 New Offices