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My Approach

“In my practice, every patient relationship is based upon the understanding of trust and privacy in accordance with the highest standards of professional conduct. My staff and I deliver all services with attention to quality and accommodation of the individual needs of each patient. We have taken great care to create an environment which fosters open dialogue ensuring patients feel secure and comfortable discussing every aspect of their care, from surgical procedures to appearance goals.”
Dr. Bonnie J. Baldwin, MD, FACS

Successful plastic surgery outcomes begin with the desires of the patient. Communication between the doctor and the patient is essential to determine appearance goals and concerns that may be addressed through a surgical procedure. For that reason I spend whatever time it takes to educate the patient about their procedure of interest and the realistic results they can expect after the recovery period. This communication extends from the consultation through a lifetime of follow up care.

0738-BBAL-Resizsed My Approach

My surgical approach focuses on providing a natural look that fits each individual. When any person feels they are at their best they portray themselves as more energized, more enthusiastic, and with greater self-esteem. If someone has something that bothers them on a daily basis and that bothersome issue can be corrected by surgery, I feel the patient should come in for a consultation. At this appointment the patient will learn more about a procedure and have their questions answered. I will also examine the patient to determine what can realistically be achieved specific to their body type.

My personal approach is based on patient education. The patient is informed of the surgical options that will lead to a desired final result. At the initial consultation patients are also given information about preparation for surgery and the recovery phase. With this knowledge, the patient can more easily find the opportune time for scheduling their surgical procedure.

Each patient is special in my practice. Our office is structured for quality care. I personally make every incision during surgery as well as see each patient at the post-op visits and onward. I am rewarded by sharing my knowledge with the patients as well as by the privilege of caring for them while we work together to reach their appearance goals.