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Interview with Dr. Baldwin

Part 1,

Learn more about how Dr. Baldwin decided to become a plastic surgeon and why chose to specialize in aesthetic plastic surgical procedures…

Dr. Baldwin, how did you decide to become a plastic surgeon?

I was fortunate to do all my medical training in Houston. As a young medical student at Baylor College of Medicine I quickly became fascinated with the variety of procedures that plastic surgeons performed. After training in general surgery, I entered plastic surgery residency where we learned to care for trauma patients, children with congenital defects, cancer reconstruction patients, patients with a variety of wounds and deformities, as well as patients requesting cosmetic surgical procedures.

I was fortunate to spend my initial seven years as a plastic surgeon at the MD Anderson Cancer Center specializing in complex reconstructive plastic surgeries of the face and breast. It was a privilege to help improve the lives of cancer patients by making them look and feel confident about their appearance after their cancer treatment was complete.

Why do you choose to specialize in aesthetic plastic surgical procedures?

When I transitioned into private practice, I noticed that the results of procedures for elective cosmetic surgery patients are as gratifying to the patients and to me as the results from cancer surgeries, and I made the decision to switch to a focus on cosmetic plastic surgical procedures.

I find it both a great challenge and even greater reward to restore and refresh the faces, breasts and bodies of women and men that are self conscious about aspects of their appearance that bother them on a daily basis. Physically seeing the dramatic difference specialized procedures can make in someone’s self confidence and body image is what makes me grateful as a plastic surgeon.

Your cosmetic plastic surgery practice offers expertise and techniques to help patients look and feel better. Tell us about your new office location and feel.

Previously, I had offices located both in the Texas Medical Center and in the Memorial area. Our new office is midway between those two areas in the River Oaks District. I knew I wanted a building with a boutique look that was fresh and offered a feeling of calmness and comfort for my patients. In this new serene environment, our goals is for patients to feel well cared for and pampered, and also have a sense of safety and privacy. I opted for an office that was away from the hustle and bustle of the busy medical center so women and men could feel undisturbed as they make life-enhancing decisions to improve their appearance.

Because I understand and take very seriously the privacy of my patients, the office space is designed to ensure that no patient sits in the waiting area and instead, is in a private consultation or exam room.

The office space is designed to accommodate educational events and open houses as education is a priority for this practice. Through educational efforts, I believe we empower patients to address appearance issues that bother them on a daily basis; and enable them to make the decisions that are best for them by learning about their options and possible outcomes.

Next month, look forward to hearing about Dr. Baldwin’s approach to cosmetic surgery, the procedures she performs & her goals for those seeking aesthetic appearance changes.