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Is this the Fountain of Youth?

    Beauty editors, skincare companies and anti-aging aficionados are touting the benefits of hyaluronic acid. HA, as it’s commonly referenced, is everywhere. Not just as the main ingredient in injectable fillers but also in topical serums, lotions, cream and masques. Wondering if HA is right for you? Let’s look at the science. As a

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Seven Ways to Prepare For Cosmetic Surgery

It Starts With You You’ve made the decision to inquire about plastic surgery. What’s next? Take a deep breath, step away form the excitement and anticipation, and look inward. Be honest about the motivation behind your decision. Write down your thoughts and talk about them. IT is important to make sure that you are moving

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Put Your Best Face Forward

As all of Dr. Baldwin’s patients know, beauty is a combination of style, confidence, diet and, of course, products. The right products can help target fine lines and that dreaded “w” word – wrinkles. Under a microscope, a biopsy of a wrinkle exhibits no telltale signs that reveal it to be a wrinkle. So what

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