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Sunday Riley Interview

Interview with Bonnie Baldwin, M.D. as she discusses the connection between breast implants and rare cancer To learn more, please click here.

Published Books and Book Chapters

Baldwin BJ, Stal S, Matson C: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In: Rakel RE (ed). Textbook of Family Practice, pp. 782-795, Philadelphia: WB Saunders, 1990. Kroll SS, Baldwin BJ: Head and Neck Reconstruction with the Rectus Abdominis Free Flap. In: Schusterman, MA (ed). Clinics in Plastic Surgery, vol. 21(1); pp 97-105. Philadelphia: WB Saunders, 1994. Baldwin

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Abstracts and Presentations

Baldwin BJ, Osteomyelitis in decubitus ulcers. Presented to the Texas Medical Association. Dallas, Texas: May 1991, Baldwin BJ, Kroll SS: Breast reconstruction-comparison of autogenous Aap and expander reconstruction. Presented at Senior Residents Conference. Madison, Wisconsin; May 1991. Baldwin BJ, Schusterman MA, Miller MJ, Kroll SS, Wang B: Bilateral breast reconstruction: Conventional versus free TRAM. Presented

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Journal Articles in Press

Wallace AM, Evans GRO, Goldberg OP, Baldwin BJ: Unexpected vascular compromise in TRAM Aap reconstruction: a report of two patients. Ann Plast Surg (ln press) Kroll SS, Schusterman MA, Reece GP, Miller MJ, Evans GRO, Robb GL, Baldwin BJ, Wang 8-q: Comparison of nipple projection with the modified double-opposing tab and star Aaps. Plast Reconstr

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Published Articles in Referred Journals

Baldwin BJ, Edwards MJ, Romsdahl MM: Squamous cell carcinoma arising in recessive epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica. The Cancer Bulletin 40:393-395. November-December 1988. Ozcan G, Shenaq S, Baldwin BJ, Spira M: The trauma of suction-assisted lipectomy cannula on flap circulation in rats. Plast Reconstr Surg 88:250-258, August 1991. Kroll SS, Baldwin BJ: A comparison of outcomes using

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